Facts About Scientology Revealed

I thought so also. Steve Hassan and Lawrence Wright come across as caring honest individuals not the monsters that Miscavige portrays them as.

I was also deeply moved when Leah confirmed how touched she's about her viewers and also the kindnesses of Some others. It touched in me that put which is waking up to the shock in the great folks who Are living in the world at significant.

Sustain the good perform and should you and Leah both of those be blessed for this work in opposition to this evil cult. Love to you equally. Meisha

Your house was named Case De Rosas, supposedly was the center of operations for the early beginnings of Dianetics……..the episode talks of what is the early beginnings including mentioning what feels like “auditing”….

Sorry to all those poor people that maintain sending me things telling me to read through this, do that, come listed here, go there, I’d relatively commit my cash on my 4 legged therapist who does not have a diploma, but doesn’t need to have one particular.

Within the very little I do know, I think that Marty understands more about dm then even you do. It looks like this type of huge omission.

To offer so fully of oneself including all your financial belongings, to find out in the future what you were being working towards hardly ever genuinely existed. Then upon leaving or escaping, to possess All your family members “disconnect” from you, and to go away with little to no economic implies of assist, and when you are doing “blow” (escape) to get hunted down by a pack of “wolves” (workers) who seemingly will track you down to the finishes of your internet Earth to “return you on the fold”, even towards your will….what sort of faith DOES that?

Make sure you don’t stop now and expose the numerous fronts they use like used scholastics narconon colleges Delphi and all The brand new recruiting destinations and organization which have been out there.

Ps…I've composed Every person I could visualize including the Human Rights Business. Just questioning when you and Leah could access out to other people who find themselves out in other nations, could you possibly tactic the United Nations?

Technique to go, Mike Rindah! Hold fighting The great fight! I’m trying to keep you in my prayers and hoping you Obtain your other relations again.

Hello Mike and Leah! Thank you for having the great quantity of courage to combat in your human fellows. I should say that thank God we are while in the Communication Aera my sources hence, we're not likely to allow A different crusade nor any sort of Inquisition to take place within our lifestyle time. If Joan of Arc was the courageous female that fought for the freedom of her beloved French people, then Leah Remini is the Joan of Arc of our period, endeavoring to cost-free her human race from the mind crotrol video games that David Miscavige ( Similar to a real born psychopath that he apparently is) has actually been torturing people with so you Mike, I see you a King David battling (Scientology Firm), Goliath I'm yet another person included to all your followers, in this process of getting rid of the power from your a knockout post arms of mentally Unwell men and women; in this case David Miscavige obviously Signifies a large Hazard to the security of our communities and human race in general.

Thank you so much for this riveting subject matter! I never ever realized what a nightmare Scientology was and is now. I hope in my coronary heart of hearts that you and Leah’s combat will proceed. Betina

Okay sorry Mike and audience. Sheila has mentioned this with Janis Grady and Sheila admits it wasn't you who she was remembering of that point 37 or so years back. She requested me to put up a url to her speaking about the finding out of her mistake.

What an excellent final episode! I don’t know who’s plan it had been to end with 3 Guys who are very well-highly regarded inside their fields but it absolutely was amazing.

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